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All eligible students are required to pay their due and registration fees within three weeks after the commencement of the academic year (15th October 2022). Late students shall wait till the next academic year.

Registration is compulsory for ALL students entering a new academic year, i.e. fresh students or students who progressed from the current level to the next level of award.

Students who have postponed studies must report at the corresponding time and semester similar to that left behind.

Students are not allowed to change their fields of study in the middle of any semester except for exceptional circumstances brought forward to the Director’s Office. For fresh students, students may change their field of study through “Online registration of reported students” the second week after the commencement of the new academic year.

Institute regulations

Upon admission ALL students especially freshers must obtain, read and understand the following documents thoroughly:

  • Act No. 2 of 2009 “establishment of the Karume Institute of Science and Technology”;
  • Karume Institute of Science and Technology Students Organization (KISTSO) constitution;
  • Examination regulations;
  • Hostel regulations;
  • Library regulations;
  • Transport regulations;
  • Student bye-laws;

Other rules of the Institute.

During registration students must submit the following documents:

  • Registration form;
  • Sponsor’s notification forms (Where applicable);
  • Certificate obtained, transcripts, statement of results, etc. of the level or course attended;
  • Four (4) recent passport-size photographs;
  • A birth certificate or affidavit;  
  • Original receipt of payment for registration and hostel residence bill (for students who wish to reside hostel). 


  • Admission becomes effective only on half payment of the required fees;

  • For any fees payments please contact KIST accountant

At least 50% of the total fees are to be paid in advance within three weeks after started 1st Semester and the remaining should be paid before the commencement of the 2nd Semester; Under any circumstances fees once paid, in full or in installments will not be refunded;

  • If a candidate is enrolled for only one module, he/she will have to pay 75,000 shillings.

  • If a candidate is enrolled in two modules, he/she will have to pay only 150,000 shillings.

  • If a candidate is enrolled for more than two modules, he/she will be required to pay half of the annual fees.

Candidates must obtain and safely keep the official receipts of all payments and produce them when required by the office for any verification.