General Studies Department

Department of general studies provides services to all other academic departments in the teaching of fundamental modules such as Advanced Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship, Basic Computer Applications and Islamic Knowledge in all levels (NTA 4 - NTA 6).

All students admitted for the various NTA levels in engineering and related qualifications are eligible for taking the General Studies.

General Studies in all cases are examined as any other modules and have credits. Failed in one or more than one of these modules may interfere students progress to the next semester or may results in discontinued from the studies.

From academic year 2016/2017, department has register three new programms two of which teacher’s training programs (Teachers’ Vocational Education and Training and Teachers’ Primary education and Training) and laboratory technicians. These programms intends to strengthen teaching science and mathematics subjects from primary to secondary schools and also vocational training centres.

Depertment Teachers

Ms. Feda A. Zahor, FTC (KTC), Adv. Diploma in Eng. - (DIT), B. in Computer Science (SUZA) - Head of Department
Ms. Amina A. Rajab, BA Islamic Shariah (Kuwait)
Ms. Asha M. Hamad, Diploma in Education (Zanzibar), BA Education (Zanzibar), MAASP (UDSM)
Mr. Said K. Salim Diploma in Education (Zanzibar), BA (SUZA)
Ms. Latifa S Ufuzo, FTC (KTC), Diploma in Education – (Zanzibar); B. in Education (Zanzibar), M. Maths (UDSM)
Mr. Bakari H. Haji, FTC (KTC), B. in Education (Zanzibar) M. Maths (UDSM)
Mr. Salim A. Makame, FTC (KTC), B. in Education (Zanzibar), Masters in Engineering Management (UDSM)
Mr. Hussein A. Hussein, FTC,(KTC), BBA (ZU), MEED (UDSM)
Mr. Sharif A. Rashid, FTC (KTC), B. in Education (Zanzibar), M. Maths.(UDSM).

* Study leave

Head of depertment

Head Picture

Ms. Feda A. Zahor

Director's Message

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