1. Examinations include continuous assessment (tests, assignments, seminars presentations, practical or any other form of assessment specified in the study guide issued at the beginning of Semester) and end of Semester Examinations including practical where appropriate.
  2. There shall be a written and, where the course demands, a practical examination during each end of semester for a course taught.
  3. Timing of examinations shall be between 07.00 am and 10.00 pm any day of the week including weekends. Approved public holidays and other days when the Institute is closed are excluded.


These examinations regulations apply to programme leading to the qualifications of National Technical Awards Level Four (4) to Level six (6) and all other courses conducted to the Institute unless or otherwise stated differently.


No registration for an examination or a special examination shall be valid unless the student’s qualifications and his or her registration for the semester concerned have been approved.
A student whose registrations and /or hostel fees have not been paid in full, or has any other debts at KIST, may write the examination, but his or her results shall not be published until the full outstanding amount has been settled.
No candidate shall be allowed to sit for any examination in any module unless the Head of Department has been satisfied that the candidate has completed the course.
Students will be allowed to write their examinations provided they have successfully attended at least eighty per cent (80%) of their course works for both theories and practical.
Students shall be required to attend both lectures and practical unless there shall be a compelling reasons may be granted permission to absent from the class by the Head of Department after consultation with Chief Academic officer. Those who shall fail to attend at least 80% of both lecture and practical shall not be permitted to write semester and final examination.
A candidate is expected to pass test or (course work in each module. i.e. to score a minimum of 20 marks out of 40 marks in the course work. fail to reach 20 marks, a student will not be allowed to write an examination of that module.
Permission for postponement of semester examinations for compelling reasons shall be granted by the Registrar; while postponement of CA component for compelling reasons shall be granted by the respective Head of Department in consultation with Chief Academic Officer


Student shall be held fully responsible for checking their test marks for correctness, any mistakes to be reported to the attention of the Chief Academic Officer. Notification of examination admission list shall be posted to all students through electronic mail or notice boards at the Institute.