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Electrical Engineering

This is one of the earliest established departments of the Institute and has emphasis especially at this time when the Government has provided electricity almost throughout Zanzibar Islands. The department is divided into two programmes: Electrical Engineering and Electrical with Renewable Energy Engineering. Like with any other department at the Institute the programme of study is divided into two major parts: Visual tutorial and industrial training. Electrical Engineering Department offers ordinary Diploma (Level 4-6),Bachelor  Degree (NTA Level 7-8) and several courses in vocational education and training.

Despite being one of the oldest departments of the Institute, still a lot of students prefer to take electrical and electrical with renewable energy engineering courses especially female students.

Future prospect of the department is to establish Electro-Mechenical Engineering courses  which will  include  Electrical  and  Mechenical  measurements   and     maintenance of  equipments used in different automation

Electrical Engineering Department Staff Members

Ms. Nyausi M. Makame - FTC (KTC), BSc. in Electrical Power Engineering (UDSM), MSc in European Renewable Energy (HUAS) - Head of Department

Mr. Ali A. Abdulla; FTC (KTC), BSc. in Engineering (UDSM),  M.E in Electrical Power Engineering (Kathmandu University-Nepal)

Mr. Mohammed M. Haji; FTC (KTC), Adv. Diploma in Engineering (DIT), BSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (SJUIT), MSc in Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering (NM-AIST). 

*Mr. Bakar H. Mohammed; FTC(KTC), B.Eng in Electrical Engineering (DIT) 

Ms. Asha R. Nassor; FTC (KTC), B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering (Algeria),  M. Eng in Maintenance  Management (DIT)

 Mr. Rashid M. Said; FTC (KTC), B. Eng in Electrical Engineering (DIT).

Mr .Idrissa M.Haji;FTC(KTC),Adv. Diploma in Electrical  Engineering(DIT)

Mr Shariff  Kh. Sharrif; FTC(KTC), B.Eng in  Electrical  Engineering(DIT), Power System and High Voltage (UDSM).

Mr Thani R.Said;Ordinary Diploma (KIST),B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering (DIT)

*Ms Zuwena Kh. Said ; Ordinary Diploma (KIST),B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering (DIT)

Ms Salma S.Issa ; FTC(KTC),Diploma in Vocational  Teachers Training  (KIST)


Mr  Adenle Johnson ; B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics (Nigeria), M.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic ( Power System Engineering, Nigeria)


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