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Civil and Transportation Engineering

This department was established in 1972. Since then, it has grow   in strength in terms of equipment and materials. Plans are in place to improve the physical resources and staff situation in line with the new KIST mission. Graduates of this department are capable of interpreting Civil Engineer’s designs into technical realities in various jobs such as road and highway construction, erection of buildings and other structural works, surveying, draughtsmanship and other related works.

Currently department offer Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 4 – 6)  and Bachelor  degree (NTA level 7-8) Through ACCRA Italy the department has got a high-tech laboratory which can do different type of building material analysis especially the ones related to old stone buildings. Using this laboratory KIST can help in preventing old buildings of stone town as well as historical ruins.  

 Civil Engineering Staff Members

Ms. Ratiba A. Muhammed;  FTC (KTC); BSc. in Engineering (UDSM), MCA, (Hydrebad–India) - Head of Department

Mr. Ali K. Abdulla, FTC (KTC); Adv. Diploma in Building Economy Ardhi Institute (DSM)

 Ms. Zuleikha P. Ali, FTC(KTC); BSc. in Engineering (DIT) , MSc. i Water supply and Sanitation (NM-AIST)

Ms. Arafa S. Juma, FTC (KTC); Diploma in Education (Zanzibar) Adv. Diploma in Engineering (MIST), PGD Engineering(UDSM), MSc. in Structural Engineering and Constructions (UPM)Malaysia

Ms. Tawhida M. Hussein; FTC (KTC), Adv. Diploma in Civil Engineering (DIT),  PGD in Structural Engineering (UDSM), Msc. Eng in Maintenance  Management (DIT)

Ms. Hidaya A. Abbas;   FTC (KTC); BSc. in Engineering (UDSM);Msc Integrated Sanitation Management (MISM) (UDSM) 

Mr. Zidi M. Makame ; FTC (KTC);  MSc of Architect (Russia)

Mr.    Yunus    A.        Hamdan; ACSEE (Lumumba S. School),  BSc. in Civil and Structural Engineering (UDSM); MSc. in Structural Engineering (UDSM)

*Ms. Fatma K. Hamad; Ordinary Diploma in Civil and Transportation (KIST - Zanzibar), BSc. in Civil and Structural Engineering (DIT) 

*Mr. Omar A. Ali;  Ordinary Diploma in Civil and Transportation (KIST - Zanzibar).

*Mr. Ahmed K. Suleiman; Ordinary Diploma in Civil and Transportation (KIST - Zanzibar).

Mr. Khalfan M. Hassan; Diploma in HRM (IPA – Zanzibar)

* Study leave

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