Library Services

1. Every student shall be entitled to the services of the Institute library;

2. Library service at the Institute shall be available to students at specific working hours as the Institute may prescribe from time to time and notice of such working hours be affixed to the student notice board;

3. Students borrowing books, magazines or any document to the Institute library shall personally be responsible for care and safety and shall return intact the borrowed item to the issuing officer of the library on the date specified or agreed for the return of such item;

4. The Librarian shall impose fines or any other appropriate penalties to any student or person who violates sub rule 3 of this By law prescribed from time to time to the Institute students and other library users.

OPERATING HOURS | Monday to Friday
2:00am - 8:00pm

Director's Message

The Karume Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) a successor of Karume Technical College is well known as center of technology in Zanzibar. The extension of scientific and technological endeavours including . Read more ...

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