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Electronics & Telecommunications, Computer Engineering and Information and Communication Technology with Business Department

This is the latest established department at the Institute. It was established in 1978/79 academic year under UNESCO/UNDP Technical Assistance Programme to the Institute. Now, this department is one amongst the well equipped with modern instruments and resources to conduct the course efficiently.

The main challenges facing this department are to keep instructors up-to-date to face the demand of quickest growing technology.

With further appropriate industrial training, students will be able to maintain, do service and repair electronics and telecommunication systems and equipment in their related field of work.

Computer engineering section was established in 2007, with seventeen students, under umbrella of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department.

In the year 2009 the department establish a new course on Information communication Technology with Business which leads to the award of an ordinary diploma. This specialisation covers the modules that relate to IT, business, communication skills and business mathematics, for the time being, the program is delivered in the evening class basis.

Depertment Teachers

Mr. Walid K. Moh’d , FTC (KTC), Diploma in Education (Zanzibar) , Adv. Diploma Computer Science (UK), MSc. Computer science (UK) – Head of Department
Mr. Hassan R. Yussuf BSc. Engineering (Turkey)
Mr. Ali M. Ali, FTC (DIT), Diploma in Engineering - (DIT).
MS. Fatma M. Ali Adv. Diploma in Information Technology (IFM-DSM), MSc Diploma in Information Technology (IFM-DSM)
Mr. Mussa M. Mussa, FTC (KTC) Adv. Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering (DIT); PGD (EM) (UDSM), MSc Engineering (UDSM)
Ms. Chum O. Said FTC (KTC), B. in Engineering (DIT), MSc in Engineering (China)
Mr. Juma K. Said; FTC(KTC), Diploma in Telecommunications (DSM), Adv. Diploma in Computer science (IFM), MSc in Computer science (IFM)
Ms. Hadia J. Azzan; FTC (KTC), BSc. Engineering (Algeria)
Ms. Zuhura J. Ali. BSc. Engineering (Turkey)
Mr. Zam S. Zam, FTC (Eng.) (KTC) Adv. Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering (DIT).; PGD (EM) (UDSM), MSc. Engineering (UDSM)
Mr. Khalid H. Rajab, FTC (KTC), B. in Education (Zanzibar) MSc. (IFM)
*Ms. Maryam S. Hamad ,FTC (KTC), BSc.Engineering (UDSM)
*Ms Martha D, Kilasi, Odinary Diploma (KIST)
Mr. Juma Omar Salim BSc. in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering (DIT)
Ms. Zeyana Said Juma, FTC (KTC), BSc. in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering (DIT)
*Mr. Abdulrahman M. Moh’d, FTC (KTC), Adv. Diploma in Comp Science (IFM), PGD (EM) (UDSM).
Ms. Maryam Omar Mjawiri, ACSEE (Ben-Bela S. School), BSc. in Computer Eng. (ST. Joseph Dar-es-salaam).
Mr. Khatib Ismail Khatib, Ordinary Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication (KIST –Zanzibar)

* Study leave

Head of depertment

Head Picture

Mr. Walid K. Moh’d

Director's Message

The Karume Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) a successor of Karume Technical College is well known as center of technology in Zanzibar. The extension of scientific and technological endeavours including . Read more ...

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